Sunday, May 8, 2016

Happy Mother's Day! Flowers and love to all Moms, Mothers, Mas, Mommies, Dog-Moms and Cat-Moms, and, of course, Granmas, Grandmothers, Grandmamas, and Nanas. I hope you all have a wonderful day, Ladies. You should be treated like Queens, because without YOU where would WE be?

Because today is Mother's Day,  as the Mom of the house I am being treated like a Queen-- I really must shine up one of my coronets-- by fabulous four-footed children, Eddie and Angus. My amazing husband Paul made me breakfast, and he is going to make me Tortellini with Pesto-- my favorite meal-- for dinner. He already gave me flowers--a gorgeous Fuchsia plant and some of the Lilacs in our back yard. He cleaned the pond, cut the grass and did a million little things yesterday to make me feel special. Oh, yes, and  today he set up the camera on my computer so I can SKYPE. Cool!

It doesn't seem possible that I have not posted here for a month. Well, maybe it does. I have had my head buried in a book-- make that LOTS of books, and writing and typing my little fingers to the bone. I have a SKYPE interview with my Thesis Supervisors for my Ph.D. Thesis on Wednesday. I compare it to a Flying-Up ceremony" in Girl Scouts (Do they have those ceremonies? I was a GS a LONG time ago...) At any rate, I have to go through it. It is practice for my Thesis Defense-- they call it a "Thesis Conversation" it Lancaster University (UK). (Note the capital letters: they mean things are very important.) It is all part of the process, but as I have been at it longer than forever, perhaps it means I am getting to the end. I will let you know on Wednesday or Thursday how things went.

Speaking of Graduations, my niece, Kerry, graduated yesterday from Butler University--HIGH HONORS! I am very proud of her, but she should be very proud of herself. It is an accomplishment,
and I am certain it is one of the many she will see in her lifetime. God Bless you, Sweet Girl. I wish we lived closer.

In the meantime, I have been looking for a job. More on that on another day.

All My Best!