Sunday, August 28, 2016

Long time no post. :-(

Hi, All!
It says on my information for this blog that I last posted on May 9, 2016. Today is August 28, 2016.
That makes me a very bad blogger. (SIGH!) Sorry. I had every intention not to fall behind.

Well as the saying goes, Well behaved women seldom make history. And I am trying to make history. Or at least deadlines. It has been a VERY busy summer.

Let's see now:

I have been working on my PhD at the expense of everything else. My brain is toast and I have books piled up on top of a table in our library--we have dogs. Just saying. I have a meeting with my professor on Tuesday, so I am madly trying to get everything completed before then. Wish me luck.

I got a book contract. ...I GOT A BOOK CONTRACT! From The Wild Rose Press, for my novella C1PHER. It is a time travel Romance set in the American Revolution and in the present time. Spies, secret documents, George Washington, Benedict Arnold, West Point, oh yes, and a ghost. As soon as I get a publishing date and a link, I will post it here. But in the meantime, here is a picture of my cover, which is AWESOME!!!

Have a wonderful week, and also Labor Day, in case I become a truancy case once again.

All My Best,

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