Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Today is Big Synopsis Day

Today was a lovely day. I got things accomplished. I finished the final touches on a synopsis on a novella and began editing the synopsis for my PhD novel. 

Not that this was supposed to be a Big Synopsis day, but it became one when my PhD Supervisor emailed me with the list of things which have to be in good shape by mid-April. (Mid-April!) Upon reading the news, I almost had a full-blown Wicked-Witch-of-the-West-style meltdown, but I didn't want to make a mess on our library floor But, I recovered, and started my second synopsis chore of the day. 

For those who don't write novels, a synopsis is like a detailed outline of your story. Some people write them before writing the book, others do the synopsis afterward, but the synopsis is necessary to get your novel sold, especially if you are an unknown. People who write the synopsis first use it as an outline to guide the plot and characters. 

The problem is that authors almost universally hate writing a synopsis. And today I worked on two. 

I told you it was a lovely day.

I have soooooooo much work to do before I can face my Supervisor or the person he has roped into reading the stuff I have written. 

Have I told you the PhD is being taken across the Pond? No? So, you will understand why I am doubly reluctant to perform poorly. Far be it for me to be the reason to have the Brits retake New York over the state of our US education. I might have to fall on  my sword. (No, that was the Romans-- or was it the Romulans? Terribly confusing.) Either way, it would be bad for the sword. 

I will still try to post daily, and find some fun facts, etc about writing, but my thesis takes priority. Ta ta for now. I'm off to find some tea.

Have a wonderful Tuesday!

All My Best,

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