Thursday, March 24, 2016

Wednesdays are for Microsoft 10

Happy Wednesday, though not for long, as it is 11:40pm. However, I have promised to attempt to blog every day and I am sliding this one under the wire!

It seems that very little time today has been focused on "fun" writing, or reading, for that matter.
This blog: fun writing. A novel, especially one not required to review, edit, is fun reading. I would qualify researching to be fun reading unless I have gotten crazy over the fact I can find nothing on said research topic. But I digress.

One of the new things in my life,other than this blog, is WINDOWS 10. (This is where I fit a writing topic into the blog.) For the most part, I like W-10. It has really cool tiles which can be moved around at will, and labeled as you see fit. It has lovely wallpapers, that do not cause a person to become ill if stared at for ant length of time. (If a person stares at the spinning, kaleidoscoping, multicolored patterns on Windows 7, the carpet could be in danger.) I have a wonderful group of wallpapers which are books and libraries, so far that is my favorite, though the Castles were quite nice.

However, I really do not like the fact there are no icons on the bottom of the screen, except the one that looks like a library table with chairs pulled in on opposite sides of the table. That is the Team Microsoft go-to icon.

What is the idea of clicking on the Outlook tile  on the main screen, and then nothing happens? The screen does not change. So, if you are doing several things at once, as I am, (mine usually involve the phone, the dogs, attempting dangerous calisthenics by reaching for a research book off a shelf or a pile too far from my desk, all while gulping down my breakfast), you would continue to look at all those lovely European libraries, until you wonder, "Hmmmm, I wonder where Outlook went?"  You have to then click on the little desk to see Outlook. What is with the two-step process? Can't we just click-and-go? Is this a plan to make us use more calories to get thinner fingers?

When I get busy, I have a tendency to keep multiple windows open simultaneously, and I want to know what I have open.  When I use the computer and finally click on the desk- icon, lo and behold, I can find NINE, count 'em, NINE miniature Outlook screens under whatever I am reading/ writing/researching. All because I forget they are there under the pictures of the books, and the beautiful libraries of the known world that are used as my chosen wallpaper.

Why can't there be one Outlook icon, with an indicator of the number of layers, or the number of times the program was opened to different windows,while I am working? We had it on Windows 7. It worked very well. I was happy with it. But someone smarter than I am (obviously smarter, because they are making mega-bucks working for Team Microsoft) came up with that idea. Why can't they focus group things like icons when they plan to do something major like take away our icons, Rather than focus grouping political campaigns or the upcoming year's signature color, or what body type looks best in what blouse?

And speaking of aggravation...why can't we open multiple windows through one web browser?
But that is a question for another day.

Sleep well, my lovelies. It is now 12:50am. Thursday will be a great day.


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